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Chairman Price Calls on Democrat Majority to Hold Public House-Senate Stimulus Negotiations

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Washington, Feb 10, 2009 | Brendan Buck ((202) 225-4501) | comments

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement demanding that Congressional Democrats allow for an open and public forum for House-Senate negotiations on the so-called stimulus bill. To honor their stated desire of being the most open and transparent government in history, the distribution of one trillion dollars should not take place in a closed Washington backroom. Rules dictate that there must be an open hearing for conference committee negotiations, however, the legitimacy and productivity of that hearing is at the mercy of the majority party.


“Given the enormous amount of taxpayer money at stake, it is critical that any and all negotiations be held to the highest standards of transparency,” said Chairman Price. “President Obama and Speaker Pelosi have promised to run the most open and transparent government in history. With a trillion dollars on the line, now is an excellent opportunity to make good on that promise by allowing the American people and press to see how the government plans to spend their money.


“As Senate and House negotiators come together, the American people deserve to know that their hard earned money is not being doled out in shady backroom dealings.  To ensure real transparency and accountability, I call on Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid to hold any and all House and Senate negotiations in an open and public forum.”

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