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Top Ten Triumphs for Conservatism in 2009

A Year-in-Review of Republican Successes

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Washington, Dec 31, 2009 | comments
The Republican Study Committee released the following list of highlights from 2009, documenting the ten best happenings for conservatism this year.

1) Conservatives Introduced Positive Alternatives From day one of this Congress, conservatives have led the way with positive, principled solutions to our nations problems that stand in stark contrast to the big-government intrusive agenda of the administration and Democrats in Congress. Whether it was a real pro-growth stimulus bill, an all-you-can-create energy plan, a budget that balanced, or a patient-centered health care plan, conservatives showed that employing principle can solve our challenges.

2) Republicans United In Votes on Stimulus, Budget When Democrat leaders abandoned principle and fiscal restraint with a pork-laden "stimulus" bill and a debt exploding budget resolution, Republicans united with every member of the conference casting a vote that says there is a better way. The votes demonstrated that the only bipartisanship on the bills was in opposition to burying future generations in debt.

3) August Town Halls Provide Accountability In a remarkable demonstration of concern from the American people, regular folks from across the nation rose up and demanded that Washington listen to them, not liberal interests in Washington. While Democrats in Congress continue to tread a partisan path, the August town halls showed that Americans are not going to sit back and watch their nation be bankrupted by runaway government.

4) Tea Parties Break Out A conservative movement waiting to reignite fundamental American principles was given a new face this year with the Tea Party movement spreading across the nation. The patriots who protested big-government throughout the year, culminating in a large rally on 9/12 in Washington, showed that is it bedrock American principles and sound policy, not political parties, that will revitalize success and prosperity.

5) Card Check Shelved As a big payback for campaign loyalty, Democrats promised labor leaders that they would pass legislation robbing American workers of their right to a secret ballot in union organizing elections. The American people would not tolerate such an injustice and job killer, and the Secret Ballot Destruction Act failed to move through Congress. While we must remain vigilant, this was a huge victory for workplace freedom.

6) House Call on Washington Just days before Democrat leaders in Washington were to force a vote on a government takeover of health care, Americans decided they would not allow Congress to proceed without hearing from them in person. On just a few days notice, tens of thousands of Americans who value the doctor-patient relationship descended on Washington for a House Call to make their voices heard.

7) ACORN Unmasked In a spectacular exhibit of citizen journalism, two young bloggers pulled back the mask on a corrupt liberal special interest group that Republicans have decried for years. ACORN, with its long history of voter fraud and unscrupulous acts, met its fate when the House voted to bar any taxpayer funding for the group.

8) National Energy Tax Stalls in Senate Though House leaders forced enough members to walk the plank to pass the bill, a massive national energy tax, or "cap and trade" bill, found little traction in the Senate. Amid a scandal of doctored science and an ailing economy, Senate Democrats have asked the White House to back off their demands for the job killing bill.

9) Democrats Pack Up Their Things and Go Home After being forced to follow the liberal agenda of Speaker Pelosi for too long, a growing number of House Democrats see the writing on the wall and are throwing in the towel. Democrats in Congress can borrow-and-spend, grow government, and ignore the voices of the American people for only so long before their constituents will say they've had enough.

10) The Republican Conference Welcomes a Party Switcher Summing up the first year of the Obama administration that lurched the Democrat Party far to the left, one Democrat said he could no longer be a part of their destructive agenda and declared himself a Republican. Rep. Parker Griffith, a former physician, made clear that he believes the Democrats' government takeover of health care and larger platform are bad for America; and he's not alone.

Bonus) It's now 2010 Each year brings an opportunity for renewal. As eternal optimists, we hope that 2010 will represent a new era of bipartisanship and a recommitment to the fundamental American principles that have made us the greatest nation in the history of the world. But if Democrats choose to continue down their partisan liberal path, Congress has a chance to look a lot different at the end of 2010 than at the beginning.
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